"I am very happy with the way of how my solicitor Pauline Wong handled my case in relation to my motor accident insurance claim (vehicle written-off) against the top car insurance company in Australia.  With my limited command of English, both written and oral, I was assisted by Pauline Wong Solicitor who is a good listener. She helped me to look at my case from all angles and in the end, she obtained a fairly satisfactory insurance payout for me. However, most importantly, she fiercely fought justice for me.   Initially, my car insurance claim was rejected by the top car insurance company but Pauline proved my case to them and my insurance claim was finally accepted by the insurance company. To me, Pauline has handled my case efficiently, decisively with well thought strategies.  She is also a very responsible lawyer. I highly recommend Pauline Wong Solicitor to others for her legal services." 

Kim Ching, Penrith NSW, Motor accident insurance claimant

2 February 2016


致王律師:「我對Pauline Wong 律師在交通意外(車輛報消)向保險公司追討事情上處理案件非常滿意。王律師仔細聆聽,分析案件清楚有條理,追討賠償有很理想的結果。且Pauline Wong 律師辦事迅速,果斷,精明亦很有責任 心。非常感謝王律師為我爭取我應得的保險賠償,而最重要就是為我取回公道。我定會推薦Golden Law Pauline Wong 律師給其他人。」 

Kim ChingPenrith NSW, 汽車意外保險追討人

2 February 2016

"I am very impressed with my Solicitor, Pauline Wong’s professionalism and her pieces of friendly advice. She dealt with all my requests and questions promptly and I could make informed decision as a result.

I would definitely recommend Pauline Wong with confidence to my friends."

Amy T. - Property Seller and Property Buyer

5 February 2016

"I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Lawyer/ Director Pauline Wong at Golden Law. I bought a parcel of land in Sydney metro area. Pauline Wong dealt with all the contractual and legal matters for me. I received friendly, professional services from there. Pauline who is very nice and elegant is incredibly helpful and more than happy to answer my questions before I'd even made the decision to engage a lawyer, and she offered a fantastic fixed price quote which was very clear and easy to understand.

My lawyer dealt with my matter (purchasing the land- balancing all the benefits and disadvantages for me) promptly and provided all the information and guidance I needed to make a decision, leaving me feeling completely confident and well informed.

She is very responsible that she followed up all the procedure regarding my stamp duty exemption application matter with the government authorities, even for a few months (due to Government system and their heavy work volume issues) long after I paid all the fees to her! I cannot recommend Golden Law highly enough, and will be using them for my legal matters moving forward. Pauline is extremely responsible, patient and helpful who will give excellent advice and services with affordable professional fees! Will definitely recommend Golden Law to my family and friends! A big thank you to The Golden Law!"

Cynthia A., Vacant Land First Time Purchaser
8 May 2015

"Thank you very much for the valuable support and assistance from Pauline Wong.  We really appreciate your help and hard work in the last few weeks to get early settlement done.   We truly appreciate that and will definitely refer your great service to our friends or anyone that is to buy a property."

Anthony, Property buyer

20 November 2014

"I am very happy with the services Pauline Wong provided and she is very professional and efficient.  I would recommend Pauline to my friends in the future." 

Vivien, Home seller

8 October 2014

"I engaged Golden Law for three property transactions and the service I received from the firm was excellent. There were difficulties with all three transactions due to various issues with the other parties and lenders. Pauline was very professional in all of her  dealings and she constantly communicated with me, kept me up to date on the progress of each transaction and acted promptly when instructed. She answered all of my questions with knowledge and gave good commercial minded advice on my legal options. What really set her apart was her dedication to ensuring I was satisfied with every aspect of each transaction. I was never left with unanswered questions. Further, I appreciated her promptness and reliability during what was a long and stressful period. I am also of the opinion I would be hard pressed to find better value for service in Sydney. I would definitely recommend Golden Law for all conveyancing matters."

N. G., Home Seller and Buyer in Hornsby and surrounding suburbs

10 March 2014

"Hello Friends my name is Meenie.  First of all, I am not getting paid for any fake stories/comments.  This is my story, my experiences -

I was going through tough time struggling with my personal family issues.  I am not embarrassed to mention now nothing was going on the right track in my marriage.

I think there is no use in staying and digging the relationship if there (is) no future!

I have checked so many lawyers, their websites.  I tried to contact them.

To start with, it is always the filling form with your query and leave a message to them hoping someone will get back to you.  In many cases, it did not happen.

It is hard to answer at work where you don't want to share or talk in front of your colleagues, and you sure don't want to hide in (the) toilet to whisper (and) talk.

Secondly, if you are able to talk to the receptionist then again you have to mention details...

Then finally, you will know the fees which is unaffordable, out of budget.
After,all these ....

I got Pauline Wong's Contact number "GOLDEN LAW "

I dropped my contact No: and I mentioned the time I am able to talk (After my job) (after business hours) and I was amazed to receive a call directly from A lawyer -Pauline herself talked politely to me ,

I told her my situation. She understood and explained (to) me the procedure quickly without any second call or wait... and she was very reasonable with fees comparing with other Lawyers.

Without wasting any time I forwarded my documents needed.
She guided me through every step and kept me informed (of) everything

I don't believe its not even 3 Months ..I am happily Divorced..(divorce order granted)

Many many Thanks to Dear Pauline from GOLDEN LAW...

18 October 2013

"Thank you very much to Pauline at Golden Law. She navigated the minefield of our home purchase with ease and dedication. We had several delays with the vendor and settlement date changes at the last minute. Not only did Pauline quickly find a solution to our problem and managed to still get us into the new property prior to settlement, but also reduced costs and negotiated the smallest possible fee. Pauline was helpful and on top of everything and explained all issues in plain language so we could make an informed decision. We would not hesitate to engage Pauline again for any legal services in the future.

Mr & Mrs Remnant, Directors of a successful Design Company

22 August 2013

"I (the property purchaser) am indebted to Pauline Wong of Golden Law for all her hard work, legal and as
well as commercial judgement and advice during the whole process.  The purchase was unfortunately not a smooth sailing experience.  It took over 4 weeks to finally receive the sale agreement since my offer had been accepted by the vendor.  During the whole time, the vendorˇ¯s legal representative was the least responsive and most unprofessional in my experience.  I was so frustrated that at a point I was prepared to walk away from the purchase if it were not for Pauline's perseverance.  Pauline even went beyond her normal call of duties to tirelessly follow up with her legal counterpart. 

Like many other people, I jumped onto the bandwagon of buying a property through my self managed super fund.  Though, I knew what it is involved as I had undertaken extensive research, Paulineˇ¯s wealth of knowledge in this subject matter has made me feel the research was not necessary.  Pauline, you are truly an expert in this area!"

Ms Ho (Purchaser of the Property)

Director of PME Investments Pty Ltd

24 June 2013"

"My personal experience:  Whenever I need help, it is fortunate that I have Pauline Wong Solicitor here to help me.  Everytime I seek her assistance, she will always complete the tasks timely with passion and sincerity.  During the three and a half year that I get to know her, I truly admire her personalities and morality as well as her professionalism.  She is kind and modest.  She handles matters seriously and thoroughly.  She is a solicitor with a great sense of responsibilitiesShe pays attention to details and does not leave anything unchecked.  When I give her my instructions, she would find the best solution in my best interests.  I always tell my friends that if they have any legal problems, they should retain Pauline Wong as their solicitor.  I firmly believe Pauline Wong will become the most popular and the most successful female lawyer in the community in Australia in a not too distant future.

Ms C Yao. 5 May 2013"



Ms C. Yao

"Thank you for your help and your effective work impresses me. I hope we can have more cooperation in the coming time. If my friends need any help, I will also let them to contact you." 

Mr Daren H. 17 May 2013


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