Our Special Fees & Rates

We offer efficient, professional and timely legal services to our clients.  What's more, our fees and rates are highly competitive.

Our Special *Legal Fees / Legal Costs (10% GST and disbursements+ exclusive) from: (valid as from 1 September 2016)

Property Buy and Sell (Conveyancing)          $980.00

Business Buy and Sell                                               $990.00

New Retail / Commercial Lease                                $1200.00 (for vendor) $600 (tenants)

Simple Will                                                                  $180.00

Power of Attorney                                                      $200.00

Guardianship                                                              $200.00

Business Registration                                               $480.00

Renew Lease                                                              $680.00

Divorce by consent                                                    $680.00

Binding Financial Agreement                                    $1080.00

Call the Principal Solicitor, Pauline Wong, on 04333 923 88 now for your first time consultation. 

Alternatively, send her an email to "admin@goldenlaw.com.au".

* Legal Fees/Costs quoted are for typical matters in the specific areas but may vary due to its complexity and if additional and irregular works are required as instructed.
+ Disbursements are expenses incurred where necessary to complete a specific matter as instructed by our clients.  Expenses such as sundries, court fees, fees charged by Government or any third party institutions, or any other expenses as required to complete a matter as instructed.

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